Bright Idea: Personal Slates

Friends~So I have a HUGE and I mean HUGE collection of folders from past years.  I have been trying to figure out just what to do with them. I love saving money and paper in my classroom.  This is what I came up with. 
1.Take one folder with prongs. 
2. Add one plastic sheet protector.  
3. Slide in a sheet of copy paper.
4. Add dry erase markers and that's it!
(I hot glued pom poms to the sides as erasers.  I never wanted to hot glue to the tops because then my students couldn't put the tops on the markers when they were working.  The sides work perfectly!)
 These babies have transformed my classroom.  My kiddos used tons of notebook paper and composition books in the past.  I was constantly drowning in PAPER!
With these slates, my students are able to respond to our classroom lessons easily and without excess paper.  
Plus: My students are crazy about them!
I have students that I have struggled to get to participate writing on their slates to answer questions during our lessons. WHAT?????????
They are portable so my kiddos take them everywhere! 
Check out some of the places our personal slates have gone in just a week's time!

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