Spring Science:Raising Butterflies

Friends~I love teaching Spring science with butterflies. It is one of the most amazing learning opportunities that you can give your kiddos about life cycles. Raising Butterflies is super easy to do.  Follow along and I will show you some of my very favorite activities!
The first thing you will need to do is order your babies!
I usually order Painted Lady Caterpillars.  You can click the picture to check out the Insect Lore Kit I have used in the past. 
This kit has everything that you need. 
 (You will have to order the caterpillars with the included certificate after you get your kit.)  
Check out some of my other favorite butterfly products by clicking HERE!
Here are the projects that my kiddos work on while we wait for the babies to hatch. 
Stage 1: We use a cut out of a leaf and an egg carton.  It is the perfect shape because it mimics the reticulation that are present on the egg. 
 Stage 2: Hot glue some gummy worms to card stock and let your little learners label the caterpillar's body parts.  
 Stage 3: Grab some cotton for the button and crumble a small rectangle of green construction paper.  In the past,  I have hot glued a stick to the card stock to attach the button too. 
Stage 4: Make water color butterflies with coffee filters and pipe cleaners. (Simply have your students water color the coffee filters.  Let them dry and pinch the centers.  Twist a pipe cleaner around the pinch. )

Take a quick peek at what our caterpillars look like just before they head into the pupa state!

Sure hope you give one or all of these ideas a shot.  It really is an amazing process and your kiddos will love it! 

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