Primary Science: The Wooly Bear Caterpillar

Primary Science: The Wooly Bear Caterpillar 
Friends~We had the best teachable moment at recess today.  During our afternoon recess,  a sweet 2nd grader brought us a wooly bear caterpillar.  She had a huge smile on her face.  Check her out below!
It seems like a hundred years since I had seen a wooly bear or even thought about one.  One of my teammates told me a cool myth about the wooly bear.  Legend says that you can predict the winter weather by the coloring on the wooly bear. 

The legend says,  if the brown hairs on the wooly bear cover more of the caterpillar it will be a mild winter. Our little guy was covered in brown with only a little black on his head and end.  The kiddos were bit disappointed because in NC we are always hoping for snow!

 We had a great mini lesson on how we could test this legend.   As a class,  we have decided to keep our eyes open and look for more wooly bear caterpillars and tally our findings.  

We did find out that the wooly bear becomes a Tiger Moth when it completes it's metamorphosis. Click HERE to read more about this cute wooly guy!  I love how science just happens!

Thinking about caterpillars reminds me of one of my very favorite caterpillar book. Click the book cover to watch this sweet book.  

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