Brain Break with The Phonics Dance

The Phonics Dance: 
Hunking and Chunking Words
Friends~I always get a ton of questions at the beginning of the year about our Phonics Dance.  It is one of my very favorite ways to reinforce phonics skills. I was lucky enough to be trained years ago by Ginny Dowd the creator of the dance.  Click the link above to check out her site. You can purchase all the materials to get it started in your classroom! 
Brain Break with The Phonics Dance, The Schroeder Page
In a nutshell, The Phonics dance is made up of word attack skills, daily word work, sound spelling, modeling, and conferencing with students on the various letter combinations such as blends and diagraphs.  

The best part about this program is that it is fun and active.  It is a great Brain Break for students. Students learn the chunks through repetition of a fun dance and chant.   Each diagraph has it's own distinctive chant.  Once introduced, it is danced daily.  We dance the dance every morning after calendar.  Watch my kiddos in action below!
Brain Breaks with The Phonics Dance, The Schroeder Page

I made this little tutorial for my parents this year.  It walks you through hunking and chunking a word.  (I made the distinction between hunks and chunks for my students.) 
Just click the image below to watch the tutorial. 
You can also watch my True Story of Magic e.  My kiddos loved working in centers with Magic e!

My students always make tons of growth in their writing first and then their Phonics Dance knowledge carries over into their reading. 

I am also really excited to off my new Standard Based check sheets up as a Facebook Freebie.  Just head over to my Facebook Page and like The Schroeder Page.  Then head to Facebook Freebies to grab your file.  I have the pages copied for each student and I have then in binders for each subject.  Then I am able to keep notes on their growth within the standards. You will receive math, reading, and writing check sheets plus conference note forms.  
Standard Based Freebie from The Schroeder Page


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