Why I LOVE Teaching Science

Friends~I have been wondering for years why my daughter loves bugs, insects, frogs, sharks, basically anything gross. (I am not a big fan of touching any of that stuff!)  This girl of mine will grab a worm, bait a hook, and then pull a fish off all wearing lip gloss and a sparkly ring.  I just didn't get it for a long time but I think I have figured it out.  
I love teaching science!  I am constantly collecting science models, pictures, making them do experiments with me and such.  We have hatched butterflies, tadpoles, & praying mantis.  We have exploded things with baking soda and played with magnets.  I am always up to something when it comes to science.  Even on vacation my fascination with teaching about sharks has now been pinned to my son.  Check out his souvenir. 
Yep, I totally let him buy a shark in a bottle.  One because he is totally into gross too and loves sharks.  Two because I have an super fun shark unit that I teach!  
(It is going to be AWESOME in a center!)  

I am just learning about a new site called Educents.  It is like Groupon for teachers.  I am telling your...it is amazing!  There are so many great deals for your classroom.  I was browsing along today and came across this Magic School Bus deal and now I am brainstorming ways I can make it happen for my up and coming kiddos.  Check it out below! 
(Click the picture and scroll down for full details.)
With Common Core it is so very important to connect your science into your literature block and Magic School Bus books are a great way to do that.  I did a post that listed some of my favorite books and activities for teaching science with the common core.  You can check it out here!

There are only 5 days left on this deal!  So I am off to see if I can use my classroom budget on this goodie!  

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  1. Hi Monica,

    Have you checked out VocabularySpellingCity's new sister site, Science4Us (www.science4us.com)?

    :) Nancy


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