Everything is better with AQUA!

Friends~Everything is better with AQUA!  We love swimming, sprinklers, Slip and Slides and AQUA Beads!  We have also had tons of rain in NC so I have been looking for some inside learning fun.  
My kiddos love Science so these experiments I found were perfect.
 Lily spent some time with Aqua Science this morning while Ian was at golf camp.  She experimented with some Aqua Beads that we picked up at Education Express. (Head over and grab a set today.) They are so much fun and Education Express has loads of kits to choose from!
  The kit we grabbed was a Mini Play and See kit.  It came in a cute box with a handle.  I am thinking perfect birthday gift!
Experiment #1

Lily made a little bear with the beads.  I am pretty sure when Ian gets home he will jump on the turtle. 
 It was really simple to set up.  
First, you add the beads to the container and choose your template.
Next, you add your tray on top of the template                  
matching up the tabs.  
Your kiddos can then start color matching beads to create 
different pictures.  
Lily was really excited to be able to create her own images too.  
I loved that her fine motor skills were put to work.  
Those beads are super tiny! 

Experiment #2

We also played with some Gravity Goo!
This is a video I found on You Tube!  

Below is the kit we used.  I picked it up at World Market but you can grab all kinds of sets on Amazon.  
Here is a picture of Lily experimenting! 
It was pretty awesome.  As soon as you started pouring the solution it turns into a goo with little clumps in it.  It started forming strings after about 2 minutes of pouring.   
This is a great substance to experiment with when talking about Matter

The hardest part was waiting the 30 minutes after mixing to check out the gravity part! 


  1. eeeeewwwww!!! This looks soooo cool!! I cannot wait to do this. I may have to do it at home with my little sweet before school starts. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

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