Chickens Have New Meaning!

Friends~Since moving to North Carolina, my family and friends have been visiting a park called Dan Nicholas.  It is a fantastic place with trails, paddle boats, fishing, gem mining, miniature golf and so much more.  I did however forget to mention that they have chickens.  I guess that is because I never thought much of them until this summer.  

(If you are in North Carolina this summer, you have to check this place out.  The best part is that it it super affordable and fun!)

It all started in their small animal area where you can view birds and farm animals.  You can even pet a goat and a donkey.  We usually head through this area right before gem mining.  Well on our past visit, I heard Lily my daughter calling my name so I rushed over to see what she was so excited about.  And, there they were. The Chickens!  We have seen them many time but this time was different.  Why? 

 Well, Lily and I had been reading a novel called Prarie Evers by Ellen Airgood.  It is the sweetest book about how a young teen learns to deal with change and makes a very special friend. The chickens, well they are part of her journey too.  She begins raising them when she moves to her families' farm. 

 I know for sure if our subdivision would allow it- Lily would be begging to raise chickens just like Prarie!  
Thank goodness for the HOA!

So there you have it!  TEXT to WORLD Connection made right there in the same park we have been going to for years.  I love how good literature can stick with a reader and carry over into everyday life.  Lily and I both recommend this book! 

Click the image below to read a sample chapter from the book!
You can even gather some information about the author.  
She even gives a small interview via radio!

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  1. Love it! We live in NC too, but on the other side of Lake Norman. Salisbury is about an hour away. I'll have to add Dan Nicholas Park to our day trip list :)


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