Building the Bridge Between School and Summer Learning

Friends~After taking a bit of a rest the past few weeks, I have started building that bridge between what my kiddos learned in school and what they can learn in the summer.  My son participated in a PE Camp put on by our gym teacher and my daughter took an Art Camp.  Lily even volunteered her time in the morning to help with the younger grade's session.  (She loved it:)  

Lily is off to middle school net year and I am a bit petrified about it. She has always been with me at school! We usually use these Summer Bridge Activity Books.  You can click the book below to read more about them.  They have all ages:)  

This summer we are switching it up!  The last time I was in Education Express, I was introduced to these Summer Fit books. They are aligned with the common core and they keep your kiddos learning and exercising!  I grabbed the 7-8th grade one for Lily because I wanted her to have a bit of a challenge.  Ian will do great in the one below.  Both can be purchased at Education Express or in their online store!

Keep in mind that all students will experience learning loss over the summer if they do not engage in educational activities. 
The book maps out how to set up a learning routine and how to balance learning & fun!

You will also find a summer reading list with great recommendations for the grade you selected.  
There is even a skills assessment to help you understand where your child falls.
The book is broken into weeks with parent tips.  There is even a weekly value like Week 1 is honesty.  
Children chart their weekly progress which is a big part of The Common Core.  (Students monitoring their learning.) 
You can click the image below to visit the Summer Fit website!
Be sure scroll to the bottom of their site to download free samples of the books!
You can watch a preview from me below!

I will keep you posted on our progress! 
 These books get cracked on Monday! 


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