T is for TWISTER!

Friends~We have had some wicked weather here in my neighborhood.  Trees are down and and stuff is throw around.  I am watching my neighbors dig out tree stumps and replant. I am so glad that my trees just got a little beat up.  Check out this photo my neighbor posted from her backyard.  YIKES!

This photo reminds me of our study of tornadoes in class.  We made the coolest tornado diagrams out of grey construction paper.  I gave the kiddos a sheet of paper and had them twist the paper to make a tornado.  I then had them glue their tornadoes to while paper and label the parts of a tornado using what we had learned in class. 

(If you want more weather fun...give the picture a click and check out my weather unit!)

We also did a fun science experiment called A Colorful Tornado. Students followed the directions below to create a colorful and realistic tornado!


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