Classroom Management and Organization Tips Made Easy!

Classroom Management and Organization Tips Made Easy!
Friends~Fall training is just around the corner.  Meaning: I am going to get a new class of kiddos that I must shape and mold into independent learners.  I actually love this time of year.  It is like having a blank slate and with each lesson you can watch your class become more and more independent in their learning.  

One of the ways I begin this training is with a discussion about courage.  Many moons ago I ran across a sign that read: Courage is doing what's right when others are doing wrong.  That simple says has shaped my training and allowed my students the independence they needed to run our classroom. 

We even create a KWL about courage and my students explore the idea of having courage at school.  Check out the photo below!  I even came across the poster that inspired me at Education Express yesterday!  The pencils pictured below are from Oriental Trading.  I ordered a set and plan on passing them out as a reward for students that go home and teach their family about courage.
Classroom Management. courage, photo
The book Courage above by Bernard Waber is an awesome resource that tells the story of courage in all areas of life.  Like fire fighters rescuing people to sleeping without a nightlight. I want my students to know that even saying your are sorry when you make a mistake or following the rules is a way of showing courage.  Click below to purchase the book:) 
Beyond Flipping Cards:Courage book from The Schroeder Page
My students will be making a class book about courage the first day.  Download a FREE copy of the template for you class! 
Classroom Management Courage free acrostic poem PDF from The Schroeder Page, photo
You can read more about teaching courage and training your students to be independent learners in my 106 page file Beyond Flipping Cards.  Just click the link below and be sure to download the preview because you will see a video preview of the file.  
Please note that not all activities are in the video.
Classroom Management Tips Beyond Flipping Cards from The Schroeder Page on Teachers Pay Teachers photo of


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