Friends~Do you want to hear The True Story of Magic e?

Friends~Do you want to hear The True Story of Magic e? 
I have to admit I am a phonics junkie!  For some bizarre reason I love teaching phonics.  I love when my students start to see patterns in words and when they catch letters not following the rules.  
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It is like passing on the secret code of reading.  When I taught first grade my class rocked The Phonics Dance and I still use it at the beginning of the year in 2nd grade.  We also pull the chunks out every week with our spelling words.  
 Check out our hunks and chunks below.  

Friends~Do you want to hear The True Story of Magic e? and The Phonics Dance photo

Along with loving The Phonics Dance,  I have a crush on Magic e!
My kiddos learn very quickly on their Whiz Quiz they better know how to give e his magic!

In fact, I am going to grant the the power of Magic e with this spell.
  Click to grab a free copy for your class over on my
Just click below!

Friends~Do you want to hear The True Story of Magic e? and The Magic E Spell, photo

Check out this adorable mini book I put together for my class this coming year!  They are going to get a huge kick out of it! 

We are also going to make Magic e crowns to use when we are out and about practicing in Magic e centers. I can't wait to see them working around the room with these on!  I am pretty sure they will never forget Magic e's power!
The Tue Story of Magic e Crown directions, photo

We are even going to munch on Gummy Stars from Oh Nuts!
Click below to order!

I am so excited about how this all came out.  I have created a file with centers for my students practice Magic e's power in while wearing their crowns. They will be using Magic e flip and read cards.  They will swat words with my Magic e Big Book Swat and create a fun class book with real and nonsense Magic e words.  
Check out these fun Magic e Wands that I will be using with both the spell and the big book center below!
Click below to grab these centers and more below!

The True Story of Magic e Center Preview, photo of



  1. Super excited about finding your blog! Looks like you've got some really great literacy ideas. Thanks for sharing :) I am your newest follower!!

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  3. What a super cute idea! I love your phonics dance!

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  4. Super cute--I usually do Super hero-e! but I love the idea of your swatter! now, Hunks and chunks omg! I'd love to hear more about that one. It's making me think of chocolate chunk cookies!
    sorry, I'm on a diet!
    Love your ideas.
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