Second Grade: Thanksgiving Turkey Fun and Facts from The Schroeder page

Friends~I brought wild turkey facts to a new level in 2nd grade.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that there is very little that I won't do for my students.  That means I will contact a friend that may work for a taxidermy business and ask if we could borrow a wild turkey.  I would also then have it mounted in my classroom for my students the day after we began our All About Unit: Turkey-Fied Unit!  See the proof below!
2nd Grader Learn All About Turkeys from The Schroeder Page
How much trouble will I get into?  I am being observed this week so I am guessing other people are going to find out about our guest!  My plan is to act like it has been here all along!

I have to give a shout out to Stuffy's Taxidermy and Game Processing.  They were so great about letting us borrow this amazing bird.  I have my eyes set on the bear on their site too!
2nd Grader Learn All About Turkeys from The Schroeder Page
Now we are not really hunters in our family but it is really pretty fantastic to read about Stuffy's.  In fact, Stuffy's is a family business and the gal you see in the photo on the site actually "stuffed" the bird in my room.  Thanks DANNY for sharing!  Thanks to Jeff for delivering!   AMAZING!!!
2nd Grader Learn All About Turkeys from The Schroeder Page
I just can't wait for my kiddos to see that guy in the morning!  I really did not think I could top our turkey voting today but I think a stuffed turkey wins every time!  Below you will see my teammate's kiddos reading our campaign posters and looking over our National and Vice turkey posters.  They then went into our voting booths.
2nd Grader Learn All About Turkeys from The Schroeder Page
We used our cubbies and added a strip of Fall table cloth for privacy.  Each booth was labeled by number and I held the ballots.  When they were ready to vote they came to me and I send them to a booth that was open.  Now this was fun but counting the ballots when my students came back from voting for my teammate's turkeys was serious fun!  
2nd Grader Learn All About Turkeys from The Schroeder Page
We could hear them next door cheering and I know they heard us!  I had a student come up and tally the votes as other students read them.  They were so intense!  I was cracking up when it ended in a tie between Mr. and Gray and American and Flag.  We had to have our principal cast the deciding vote.  On Tuesday of next week we will then present the winning pairs of turkeys from each class to our custodian Mr. Almond.  He is going to decided on which pair to pardon.  So much fun and I loved seeing then experience the intensity of an election!

AND the winners are...American and Flag!  Check out my students sharing about their turkeys below!

Here's to another day of learning in room 331!  I am so proud to say that these kiddos are mine!
For more information about my Turkey-fied unit click the image below:)  You also can preview the file from the video!



  1. That is Hilarious!! I definitely want to know what your admin thinks...that should be a funny story to tell....

    The 3AM Teacher
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  2. LOVE your creativity!!!! definitely going to be a Kodak moment for sure

  3. This is a crack up! I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear all the things that were said.
    The Hive

  4. I LOVE IT!!! Over the top... it's awesome!

  5. Crazy brains must think alike- I had watched your youtube on turkey-fied and we did a similiar unit this past week in our first grade class. We began with two in depth days of real turkey facts and boy were my students hooked. I was thinking it was kinda abstract considering they don't have a lot of personal connections or experiences with them- how could I bring it to life- and I realized by boyfriend has the turkey tail fan with beard, turkey feet, decoy, calls, and everything I needed to make it come alive and really get the whole schools attention. They LOVED it- and I was able to share with all the first grade classes. The things we do!

  6. Haha!! LOVE that!! I can't even imagine their faces!!! Great idea - unforgettable for them, no doubt!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  7. Adorable!! I thought the turkey parts were "dark meat" and "light meat" - LOL Your kids learned a lot! Renee

  8. Your turkey is wonderful! The kids are so lucky to see it!


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