Totem Pole Timelines

Friends~We are in full FALL swing in 2nd grade!  We started tepees and Native Americans today.  I had so much fun sharing just the vocabulary.  We went through a smartboard lesson that had links for the students to click that told more about each vocabulary word.  We then headed back and wrote the words on our tepees.  My kiddos made a great connection to the tepee we saw on our Nature Museum trip last week.  Check it out below!

I am planning on making lots of artifacts to go along with our unit on Native Americans like a totem pole timeline for Squanto's life.  Check out my reading below...know that I am doing my best to pronounce some of the Native American words:)

After the reading I am going to have my students use the below images to create a timeline of Squanto's life.

Click below to grab the images that I use for this craft.  It is pretty simple to recreate.  I just have the students roll tubes of brown paper and then cut the images into strips.  They then write words to describe each image.  They create a totem pole Thunderbird for the top.
Click the image below to download!
We are also using the Totem Pole Maker below.  I love that it tells the students what the animals represent.  You can use it on the iPad too!
Just some fun ideas to get you started on your journey Native Americans! 

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  1. Thanks! My 5th grader just did a Totem project, wish I had that web site...but I think I am going to have some fun with my 2nd graders this month!


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