Smartboard Bootcamp and a Chicken

Friends~Have you ever been so excited that you were nervous?  Well that sums up how I felt on Saturday morning when I was on my way to Union Elementary in Brunswick County, NC.  I was heading there to train their wonderful teachers on Smartboard Bootcamp.  Luckily there was a greeter that put my nerves at ease!

Here is the staff that I worked with and no, it was not a typo when I said Saturday.  These fantastic teachers came and spent their entire Saturday from 8-3:00 with me.  Laptops in hand they came in smiling and left buzzing with excitement.  I would give anything to be in their classrooms on Tuesday when they present the lessons they built in Smart Notebook with their students!

Guess who took this picture?  
Superintendent Edward Pruden of course.  
He even came out to spend some time with his Union Elementary Teachers!

I have to thank my past principal Mrs. Laboy and old teamie Mrs. Mccumbee for bringing me to Union to present.  I got to spend time with both of them and that was priceless. 
 People are truly brought into your life for a reason.  
The funny thing is Mrs. Laboy hired me 6 years ago at my current school and then moved to the beach to teach at Union.  Mrs. Mccumbee came in to teach next to me the next year and then she moved to the beach to teach and just happened to be hired at Union.  I am starting to think my future might be calling me to the beach! 
 At least I know for sure I can wear flip flops when I teach! 
I would also like to thank Principal Mrs. Vicky Smith for having me at Union and for sharing her staff with me.  Check out Principal Smith and Principal Laboy below!

Another truly special group that I need to thank is the PTO at Union!  They made much of this day possible and I know their staff is truly grateful!

Union Elementary 2012-2013
PTO Officers
President- Leah Connick
Vice President- Allison smith
Treasure - Cindy cheers
Secretary- Heather Hughes

Here are a few more shots from the training.  These teachers were total troopers!  They hung with me through technology glitches and downloads.  They ventured into new worlds like Youtube Channels made by teachers, websites, graphics, blogs, and sooooo much more.  I was a bit worried that they were going to blow with all of the excitement but no, they hung in there and kept building!

Each training comes with my Resource Manual that is filled with over and hour of video tutorials.
Click the image to read all about it.
Resource Manual can be purchased for $14.99! 

The above video is my a preview of my Virtual Training.
  You can find out more about this training by visiting 
If you are interested in an onsite visit from me and Smartboard Bootcamp please contact me at 

   Wait!  That is not all Mrs. Smith handed out door prizes.  5 of those prizes were iPads!  

Superintendent Pruden pulled out Mrs. Mccubee's ticket number!  She will be picking up her iPad on Tuesday!  Her class is totally going to love using this technology in class!

I am going to end with more teachers to thank.  These teachers were not present but their spirits were there encouraging the Union Staff . 
Before I went out to Union, I contacted my Blog and Facebook teaching friends and asked if they would donate a product from their TPT stores so that I could fill 2 flash drives with lessons.  I was planning on giving them away as door prizes.  By the time I left on Friday, I had over 25 products donated!  
I can't thank them enough for their generosity.  
Please know that if you were one of the teachers that donated-this staff has been introduced into the blog community.  
Some of them visited Teachers Pay Teachers for the first time.  Some of them visited teaching blogs for the first time.  
The online teaching community is such a powerful force for teachers and I am honored to tell you that I  that we will be hearing from the Union teachers through our blogs and also blogs of their own. 
I am humbled at knowing that I was a part of this movement for them.  
Thank you to all the above and all that will join us in the future as we change the world of education, one blog post at a time!





  1. Looks like everyone learned a lot and had a great time doing it! You ROCK!

    Rockin' Teacher Materials

  2. Thank you so much for a fun-filled Saturday! I am so excited about our calendar time on Tuesday! My kids will think I am just magical when I show them our 'new and improved' calendar time! I loved every minute of our Boot Camp!


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