Busy, Busy ME & a Christmas FREEBIE!

Friends~I made it!  10 hours in the car yesterday with 2 kids and my hubby listening to the Ohio State/Michigan game!  (So proud of him...he really held it together and only pounded the steering wheel once!)  It was an amazing visit with family. I would first like to challenge you to a game of Where's Waldo but you won't be looking for Waldo!  Just Grandma and Grandpa Schroeder.  Check out all the cousins below!

I'll give you a hint-Lily and Ian are on Grandpa's knee!  Yep keep counting.  There are 14 grandkiddos in that picture. Baby Nathan was not forgotten.  We celebrated that little guy with a Christmas tree just for him and Aunt Tracy made us each ornaments with roses and a photo of him.

 Lily and Ian had a total ball!  In fact, I hardly saw them the whole time we were there.  They were just soaking up their cousin time.  That gave Glen Dale and I some time to head off to Christmas shop.  I got a huge surprise when I was cornered in Khol's and was told I won my entire purchase FREE!

Thank goodness that we spent a pretty good chunk:)  Our first round of gifts were FREE!  Thanks Khol's.  You are now my new favorite store.  Don't worry we went on to shop more and had to pay for the rest at other stores!

All the while my MOM was up to sneaky tricks with my good buddies Chris and Ken!  She refinished my very beat up dining room table as my Christmas Gift!   When I walked in and took a look at it I could not believe it was the same table!  Gone were the MANY scratches and there lay a sleek shine!  It is beautiful and I can't wait to serve our Christmas meal to family and friends.  Thanks MOM!

What I learned is I am one lucky gal!  I am so thankful for my many blessings.  I woke this morning with a big smile on my face and I am so looking forward to decking the halls today and getting our tree up.  I will be spending the day with my family & making new memories.  I sure hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your special ones too!

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  1. Monica,

    That is AWESOME about your trip to Khol's! That store is certainly one of my favorites!

    I can't imagine sitting in the car with my hubby during "the game". We had a party and our poor dog would bark and yelp when the men starting yelling at the tv!

    Thank you for the freebie! What a great idea!
    Happy Holidays!

    Alisha Colon
    First Grade Follies


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