Click Clack Let's WRITE!

Friends~Coming off all of the Thanksgiving and turkey fun I wasn't sure what direction to head into the last week of the month.  Well, I struck gold with Click Clack Moo Cows that Type!  We have had the best week working with Doreen Cronin's books.  I focused primarily on teaching Voice in Writer's Workshop.  I wanted to introduce the writing strategies of personification and onomatopoeia.  Click Clack MOO did it and Giggle Giggle Quack brought it home.  The first thing I did was to share the book Click Clack Moo with the class and discuss its story structure and sequence.  I wanted to stay closely aligned with the Common Core State Standards so I decided that I would create a make shift timeline and retell the story structure with my Plot Timelines.  Check them out below!

 My kiddos took a large piece of white construction paper and made 8 flaps.  They then created illustrations on the flaps of the cover, beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Under each flap they added words describing their illustrations.  We partnered up and shared our work.

We spent today hunting for personification and onomatopoeia in Giggle Giggle Quack.  My students just loved saying those big words and I was totally amazed how quickly they picked up on the concepts.  I sent them off on a Personification Hunt in our classroom library.  They were amazed at how many fiction stories contained personification.  They also found lots of examples of onomatopoeia.
Click the image below to download a free copy of my Personification Sheet.

We also made a list of animals that did not live on Farmer Brown's farm and what they might ask for if Duck was typing for them.  I then challenged my students to choose an animal and begin to create their own Click Clack story.  I can't wait to let them work more tomorrow and for them begin the editing process with these pieces.  I think they are just going to be amazing because my students are so very excited about our lessons.

Always remember: Reading is the inhale and Writing is the exhale.  If you introduce your writing strategies with quality literature and give your students time to comprehend before they write you will witness amazing things!  

Check out my Click Clack Moo: Teaching Voice through Reading and Writing packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Be sure to download the preview to see what this unit is all about!  

Buy the book by clicking and clacking the image below!  It will be a favorite for your classroom!



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