Is it too early for Turkeys?

Friends~ Is it too early to share about turkeys?  Probably but I just can't help myself!  I have had turkeys on the brain for at least a week.  I really wanted to get you all set for the month of November so I started early.  I am totally going to share all of my Thanksgiving and turkey fun right now.  You know us teachers...we have to be a head of the game or we get eaten alive.

I am beginning the month of November with my All About Turkey unit: Turkey-Fied.  Just the name cracks me up!  Check out the preview below.

I also contacted a turkey farm and they are coming to do a presentation all about the life cycle of a turkey.  Totally hit that Science standard:)  Check out the place below.

Farmer Lee was so awesome!  He is even going to let us head out to the farm early to take some pictures and videos for the kiddos to see.  He is also going to let one of our teachers pardon a turkey!  Can you believe that?????

It is going to go perfect with our Turkey Voting in the Pardon Me section of Turkey-Fied! 

After learning ALL ABOUT TURKEYS we are going to jump into the  history of Thanksgiving with The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgleish.  It is a wonderful story that teaches about the journey, the ship, the new land, and survival.

I remember finding this book when I was teaching first grade.  It is a very meaty book and knew that my firsties could not sit through it.  So I decided to use it to reenact the journey on the Mayflower.    I read the book and stop in certain sections to play the video.  The video walks you through the parts that my students help with.  Their tickets are marked with images to tell them who needs to come up.  Such as a picture of corn when it is time to look for corn.  Watch below.

You can find everything that you need for this special day in my The Thanksgiving Story: An Unforgettable Journey! Like directions to make these adorable log books for the ships!

 Just click below! 
Be sure to download the preview to see what this unit is all about!   

While we are journeying on the Mayflower we are also making Turkey Soup!  This is my twist on a Thanksgiving Feast at school.  It is pretty simple.  I have my class bring in simple ingredients like corn, carrots, potatoes, and onions.  I ask a parent to provide the broth and another to provide the meat.  We place the broth and meat in a crockpot and right away in the morning we start adding the other ingredients.  It cooks all day and we add minute rice at the end.  It makes a yummy soup to enjoy with your kiddos after your long journey.  We also make butter in class.  It is such a hoot to watch them shake whipping cream up and down over and over!  They are always amazed when the butter forms.
Grab a FREE copy of my Butter Chant below! 

Included in this file you also get my book study for Thanksgiving at the Tappletons'.  
Be sure to download the preview to grab a few pages from this file free!

Thanks to those who made it to the end of this blog post!  I know I rambled on forever but I am so thrilled how these units came out.  I really think that this November is going to be amazing for my students and your's too!  Enjoy the rest of the Sunday!


  1. I. Want. To. Be. In. Your. Class.

    That looks like the most fun ever. I'm jealous of your control over integrating holidays.

    And it's never too early for turkey!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. What a great idea to contact a turkey farm. I'm ready for Thanksgiving!! Renee

  3. I second the farm visit idea! Also, Scholastic is going to have a tour of the Mayflower done by the actors from Plimouth Plantation. I haven't seen a date for posting yet. My students like the emails we get from the Pilgrim and Wampanoag kids from the same site.


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