Friends~All good things must come to an end!  We completed our nonfiction unit on spiders this week.  I never thought that I would be sad to see them go!  I think my kiddos are going to miss those creepy guys too!  We of course went out with a bang!  We totally molted in class!  Check out our experiment below!

I know you know how to do this!  
You only need one ingredient...
Have you guest our molting secret?

My class totally loved it!  When we got out the magnifying glasses they could see that the glue made an exact replica of their finger prints. The best part was this experiment tied in with one of our fiction books Diary of a Spider!  You can see more of this file by watching the video preview below.

 I don't think they will ever forget molting in second grade.  Several of my parents have told me during conference week that their kiddos have come home and taught them all about spiders through our many experiments.  I am all smiles!

Download a free copy of my molting recording sheet by clicking below!  

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  1. Hi! I'm here from Rockin Teacher Materials and her terrific giveaway. Love your molting activites!


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