Spider Research!

Friends~In 2nd grade this year we are really focusing on adding nonfiction to our guided reading and small group lessons.  This week we focused on the Common Core 2.RIT.5.  
Know and use various text features and 2.W.7 Participate in shared research and writing projects.   

My class first visited the computer lab and researched different types of spiders. We discussed how the computer articles that we were reading were also a nonfiction text.  We noted similarities to nonfiction books that we have read.   After they had collected various bits of information on their specific spiders they then came into the classroom where I had raided the library of nonfiction spider books.  Below you can download the research page my students started with.  I book marked websites for my students to visit to make searching a bit easier! 

We discussed the different text features that would help them with their research such as diagrams and subheading.  We then broke into small groups to begin researching.  I walked through the groups helping with using the index and glossaries.  It was amazing watching them gobble up the information. 

We then took our research and put together a project to show what we learned about spiders.  My kiddos loved making their own diagram about their specific spider.  They labeled the body parts and also added fun facts.  They then took their fact sheets and created a paragraph all about their spiders.  

They always think it is nutty that I won't let them use scissors when they create but I think their products come out better when they tear.  This gal is labeling her Bird Dropping Spider...yep it is called that because it look like bird poo!  Notice the white and black details. 

Check out our hallway display!  One of my students said that if anyone had arachnophobia, they should not come down the 2nd grade hallway!  

Be sure to check out my Let's Learn All About Spiders!  It is perfect for the month of October and a fun way to bring some creepy learning into your classroom! 



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