Oh ME of MY!

Friends~The day is here!  My Wish list on Teachers Pay Teachers will finally get a rest.  It is the Back to School Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers today August 12-13th.  Be sure to use the code BTS12 to get your extra 10% off the sale prices.  Head over and get your shop on!  It always makes me smile when I buy on Teachers Pay Teachers because I know that I am supporting other teachers just like me!

Now this sale has me super happy but also a little sad because it means the end of summer.  I know many of you are heading back to school sooner than me like my good BUDDY Hilary Lewis.  (Sorry girl:)  I will head back tomorrow to start to piece my classroom back together.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this summer with my babies and my laptop!  It is actually going to be hard to go back.  I have gotten into quite a routine this summer.  I am hoping tomorrow I will get a bit of a jolt being back in my classroom:)  I do love brand new crayons and markers!

I have to remember this is the reason I go back and move tons of furniture, break nails, sweat, cut, laminate, trace, organize, label, label and label!

  I have a student teachers this year, a new teammate and I am grade chair!  I have a lot on my plate but I do love a challenge. 

Below you will see my newest labor of love my Baseball unit.  It is going to be a super fun theme to introduce teamwork in September!
Remember it is on sale now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

If you are a Teachers Notebook shopper, I am having a Back to School sale there too.  Head over and check out my stuff.  I would love to get some followers there so thank you if you do me the honor:) Also if you sign up for my newsletter on my side bar you will receive my Batter Up math game for FREE! 

I also have a FREE writing template over on my Facebook Page!  Just a quick click and it will be yours:)

Have a great Sunday and happy shopping my virtual teaching friends!

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