ETA Hand 2 Mind Review

Friends~I was contacted a few weeks ago by a website called ETAHand 2 Mind-Hands on learning for growing minds.  After checking out their site I new I had to review their products.  Their story is inspiring and their website is very user friendly.  Their main philosophy is students learn by doing- absolutely what I believe too.

Their Versa Tiles  have be recognized by Learning Magazine for quality, instructional value, ease of use, and  innovation. 

In fact, that is one of the products that I reviewed.  Check out the images below to see how my little friend Reagan helped me out! 
We started with the K-2 Literacy Tool Kit.  Loved it!  The Versa Tiles make the kit.  

The kit came with 3 different leveled books, 3 practice books for the tiles, a writing journal, and Conversation Cue Cards.  

We worked with the On the Go Conversation Cards first.  
They were a great warm up and helped us get started thinking about relationships.  

We then ventured into the world of the Versa Tiles.  Now this by far was my favorite part.  The tiles work beautifully and Reagan caught on right away how to set them up.  We worked in The Phonics Practice Book.  

She enjoyed the Versa Tiles so much she took them home to practice more pages.  I love that they are self checking and the books can be used over and over.  The tiles also can be used with any set of practice books.  They are that versatile:) 

We also worked on some of the strategies in the Teacher's Resource Guide: Writing Destinations book.  I really liked how this book was set up.  

 Across the top of each page you will find not only the strategy you are working on but past strategies you have taught and future strategies to begin thinking ahead.  
The lessons walk you through introducing the strategy, teaching the strategy and my favorite part,  the student showcase section where students show off their work.  

We focused on the sentence transformer strategy.  We were even able to transfer what we learned over into a story that she wrote last week.  

It would be great to have a Student's Showcase writing board for the kiddos to show off their work!  
The system also comes with a CD with over 50 black line masters to compliment this program.  Love it!  

I was also sent the Level 8 Math Starter Set.  Just like the literacy program is was super user friendly.  The Versa Tiles worked with the practice books in this kit also.  I got a great resources manual  that talks you through some informal and formal assessments.  There is a complete scope and sequence to keep you on track.  

ETA Hand 2 Mind has products to fit all grades and age groups. You can find tons of lessons  for Science, Reading, and Math.   

I am so excited to use these products with my 2nd graders.  I know that the Versa Tiles are going to be a much loved center this school year!


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