My EYE Sore!

Friends~Every summer I come home with tons of ideas about what I am going to work on in the summer.  This summer I am proud to say I got some of it done:)  One thing that was super high on my agenda was to fix an eye sore in my classroom.  Now it is not awful but it is the one thing hanging in my room that I have not touched since I moved in to room 331 5 years ago.  It is required to be on our walls so there it has hung...untouched.  Until now!

Free Retelling Cards

I took this picture at the end of the year.  See those square signs running along the wall?  I totally redid them and added Common Core Standards to each retelling card.  So much better.  I can't wait to pull those babies down and hang my new ones up!  You can check out a preview by clicking the image below or download a FREE copy of a my Retelling Cards by downloading my preview!

Free Retelling Cards

Do you have an eye sore in your classroom?  I would love to hear how you fixed it up!  Leave a comment below! 


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