A Huge Success!

Friends~I am so happy to report that my open house was a huge success.  I am filled to the brim with 24 second graders.  They all showed with smiling faces and their parents filled my volunteer board sheets all up! School Year 2012-2013 is a GO!  Check out the fun goodies I left for me students at their seats on the big night.

Here is a look inside!  Who knew that there were so many types of bubblegum.  I told my kiddos not to tell the dentist I gave it to them:)

Here is my volunteer board and my wish stars!  It was filled by the end of the night:)  Loving my HES parents as always!

Below is my bubble gum estimation jar.  (Someone did steal my gumballs and they were missing all day on Friday but mysteriously showed back up again for open house!)  I am planning on counting the gumballs and giving away the jar on Monday.  The kiddos were really excited about it!

I also redid my Learning Objectives board again!  I just want it to be short and simple.  I do make reading the objectives before each lessons a job in my classroom but I hate how much space it takes up.  I am sure I will revamp this again in the future!

Question of the day also got a Pinterest face life.  I am so happy that I don't need to use sentence strips everyday for this now.  Now just a visa-vis and a baby wipe!  I use this as a morning responsibility and then we go over the question at the end of the day.  I read the numbers on the clips and that is the order we begin packing up in.  So super simple!

Last,  my team finally forced me to be grade chair this year.  I have been avoiding it since I was afraid that I would freak them out with my obsessive issues.  Well they asked for it!  Check out The Dream Team binders I made for them!  Filled with tons of fun stuff like cute calendars, The Dream Team Directory, A Year at a Glance and so much more.  Boy they are so in for some fun this year right???

Ok, maybe this is last!  My daughter's kindergarten teacher moved into the role of our tech facilitator this year and she has totally redone our computer lab.  It is like Pinterest threw up in there!  (Really it is super cute!)  Check out this fun picture my teammates and I sent her of us using her new seats while waiting on our freaking slow printer!


  1. Love your bubblegum bags and estimation jar! I pinned it for next year :) I am going to be our team's grade level chair the second half of the year, as ours is going on maternity leave. Love your binders and hope you keep sharing more cute ideas that you do with your team! Does your tech fac have a blog? If not, you should convince her to start one! I'm our building's tech fac too (it's just a supplemental at my school) and would love to see some more of her ideas!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. I love all of your Open House ideas-especially the volunteer board and wish stars!

  3. I love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the wishing stars! How do you inform parents about the needs/wants without making them feel like it is required?

  4. yur so funny... :) Looks amazing! You are wiping me up girl! How am I to keep up with you? :) Love ya buddy!


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