Teamwork Starts YOUNG!

Friends~My team is really on the ball!  We are planning into September already with a super exciting Baseball Theme.  We really want to teach teamwork in the beginning of the year so we decided to make happen with baseball.

Now you all know that my family is so into baseball and softball that this theme comes pretty naturally to me.  In fact, everywhere I turn I am seeing how teamwork is being taught even at the youngest of ages.  Like in the video below.  This is my son Ian's T Ball team .  They are just learning how to back each other up.  Like good teammates do!

Ian also surprised me with some sweetness tonight.  After spending 2 hours at the ball park for his sister's practice,  Ian can home and was using a marker to draw on something in the kitchen.  I went to see what was up and found him drawing on a rock.  He just said it was for Lily.  Later on,  Lily showed me what he drew.  It was a rock in the shape of a diamond.  That shape reminded him of the ballpark so he drew bases on it for her to make a ball diamond.  So dang cute and sweet and smart!  See even at home we are part of a team.  We look out for each other!

I can't wait to get my kiddos at school thinking in the same way!  Teamwork makes the world go around.  We have to look out for each other and help each other succeed.  If you are looking for a unit to use with a baseball theme, check out my preview of Take Me Out to the Ballgame by watching the video below.

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