Laser FINGERS to the Rescue!

Have you ever felt like you are up on stage giving an incredible presentation that you totally believe in and have thrown your heart into and NO ONE is watching in the audience?  Sometimes I get that feeling when I am teaching.  I stand on my "stage" that is really a carpet but who cares.  I teach and I teach and my little friends are looking out the window, picking their shoes, or tapping their pencils.
Don't they know they are missing my finest work?
Well, I may have just solved this little problem by going rollerskating with my daughter last weekend for a birthday party.  I spent last Sunday cheering my daughter on as she wobbled around the rink.  If you have not done this with your child be prepared!  Kids were dropping LIKE flies.  Bonk, Bam, CRASH!  I said several prayers that my Lily Kay didn't break anything important like a leg or something.  The mother/teacher in me had checking on every kid that fell and I was exhausted in the end. 
Good News for Lily...she started to get the hang of it right before we left!  Maybe another trip is in our future!
The BIG moment for me was when I saw a boy skating around the rink with his fingers all lit up.  BINGO!  It hit me...I totally need to do this in my classroom.  I rushed over and hopped in line behind several kiddos with tickets and waited for them to get them cashed in.  I then asked about the mysterious glowing fingers and was told they were called Laser Fingers.  
CLICK the image below to grab your own set from AMAZON!

They work perfectly!  My class can't stop looking at me.  I only wear one at a time but when I get close to the board and point it is like I have a little computer mouse at the end of my finger.  I even use it on my smartboard!   Also...they would be great for Halloween Trick or Treating Night!      


  1. I love the lazer fingers! I have one of those classes that require a regular tap dancing routine just to hold their attention, I need all the help I can get!

    Love the Halloween decorated blog!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  2. Just picked up a set at dollar tree!! Loving These!!

  3. Love the laser finger idea. I found some at Dollar Tree and bought them up:) I blogged about your idea with a link back to you:)) Told everyone to come check out your blog:) I'm also going to use them for my guided reading groups as pointers! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. I LOVE this idea! I just used the link to order 4 sets because I'm going to let my kids use them as a pointer during Guided Reading groups and I'm giving some as gifts to teacher friends. Thanks a bunch for the idea. :)


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