Trampoline Touch Points!

I have been working with my math class on some basic addition and subtraction strategies.  One thing that we have been using is Touch Points.  You can read more about Touch Math by clicking the image below. 

It is just assigning points to numerals for student to count up and back on.  I really love it for addition and subtraction practice.  One thing that I did to help students understand how to use the touch points was to explain counting on and off like jumping on a trampoline. 
I did a little tutorial below so that you can see it in action.  I also have had my class get up and act out the jumping on and jumping off the strategy.  I am so excited that I am seeing little trampolines drawn in their daily work.  I can totally tell they are using the strategy.


  1. When the Halloween theme popped up I liked it right away. Thanks for the touch points resource for teachers and a fun way for students to connect the dots, so to speak. Carolyn

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