What do BATS and BUNNICULA have in common?

Well...Mrs. Schroeder's 2nd grade of course!  We just started a wonderful nonfiction unit on BATS.  When the class came in I had a different bat photo at each table group.  I instructed the class to work in their group to make a prediction about what type of bat their group had.  I also tossed some bat erasers out for fun!  You should have heard the buzzzzz as they talked about the different bats.

 This image is from my vampire bat table!  During our Reader's Workshop time, I meet with each table group and discussed their predictions.  I then presented the students with a group of nonfiction books on bats.  I asked them to use the physical features of their bat to help them locate a book about it.  I sent them off to work on a chart that organized facts like where their bat lives, what it eats, and other interesting facts about their specific bat. 

Each table group met with me and prepared their chart.  I then announced what bat was at each table and I have been calling them by their bat names during transitions.  We even decided to call their table groups their caves!

I also am VERY lucky to have some wonderful parents this year that have been willing to be crafty for me!  One of those parents made me the cutest bat for my KWL board.  The class was totally zoomed in on the chart and loved that I wrote in chalk. 

Another DAD built me a BAT House!
I will get a photo of it up tomorrow!

Along with parents,  I also have a friend Batty Patty at school!  She hung a secret Bat message on my door this morning.  It had a great article attached about the Bats in Austin, Texas. She even added a video link.   My class is so excited to solve the mystery of Batty Patty!  Sometimes it is just the little things!
As for Bunnicula...I just started a book club with a group of students in my classroom.  Some of them already have  made a connection between Bunnicula and our Vampire Bat table group.  I had so much fun reading the assigned chapters tonight knowing that my kiddos were doing the same thing.  More to come on this fun book...it is a must read for the season!

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