Help! Someone stole my BROOM!

Along with my Witch's Brew activities this year... I am adding in a writing component.  
All about a lost witch's broom.  
Last month, I was at Cracker Barrel and they had this broom running around the lobby cackling and I knew that I had to grab it and figure out how to use it at school.  So this year while my class is sorting and counting their Brew ingredients I am going to turn this baby on and tell them that the witch is missing her broom.  

Grab some more Halloween fun in my Witch's Brew unit!  You will find lots of Halloween fun and my newest unit Sell that Haunted House! Click the image below to preview this file!  Happy FALL!

Skills: This file is a 30 page download of my Stir it in my Witch's Brew unit. Students will practice sorting, graphing, creative writing, place value, 100's board work, letter and persuasive writing activities. 

This file is a 30 page download that walks you through getting your day set up with a letter home and the following activities:
An information sheet about how I set up my day.
A letter home
An ingredient list
Recipe sheet
Sorting and graphing pages.
Candy core number sense sheet
100 board activity
Design your own broom
Letter template
Writing prompt
Design a Witch
All about
Bonus: You will also receive my Sell that Haunted House Challenge
This includes a poster explaining persuasive writing
A Think About activity
Persuasive writing map
For sale activity sheet
Pie graph
Spook Experts
5 Persuasive Writing Prompts and a 2nd lined writing page. 

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