Winner, Winner!

 Let me tell you...not easy.  It was so difficult to choose.  All of you gals that participated in my Giveaway really deserve more training.  I wish all districts would think more about the types of trainings that they provide.  Learning the basics of SMARTnotebook is very important but there needs to be a more intense training offered on building lessons.  Sure it is easy to download premade lessons but true us!  Need to have the knowledge to create our own INTERACTIVE lessons to meet the needs of our students.  Just like we have always done in our lesson plan books.  SMARTnotebook is our new lesson plan book.  
Sara...comment #4 I and the Random Generator choose you!  Please contact me by Sunday.  Please email me a few days and times next week that will work for you.  I am so thrilled to get you started rocking your board! 

Feel free to pass the idea of SMARTbootcamp on to your districts.  I would be honored to join your school in technology.  Maybe they will find funds to bring more training (that you want and need) to you and your staff.  I am heading to Raleigh to present next month and Sarah from Southport is talking with her district about a visit from me:)  Please know that this presentation can be done in person or via computer.  Webmaster Ken in a Master and I am sure he can find a way to help you connect your computer through your TV like I did and invite your team over for a group presentation.  

Or Heck tell your principal that you want to do it at school and just project it onto your SMARTboard.   I am telling you!  Technology is amazing...I don't even have to be there.  You will interact with me through the computer via voice, video, chat, and the mouse.  Me at home and you at school!
Friends...I truly believe in teacher training teachers.  The best trainings I have ever been to are done by teachers just like us.  We need to support each other and learn from each other.  Please know that SMARTboard Bootcamp will bring your teaching to a new level and give you the confidence to build INTERACTIVE  lessons for your students.  I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

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