Back to School Resoutions!

So...I was hanging out over at my Teamie's blog and I saw her post about linking up with The Clutter Free Classroom blog.  They are doing a linky party about Back to School Resolutions!  What a great idea.  I know I am always thinking of things that I can do better each year so here goes nothing!
The Schroeder Page's Back to School Resolutions!

1.  I will do my very best to get to school on time.  This is going to be a struggle because my little boy Ian is starting Kindergarten and I know have 2 kiddos to get ready for school!
2. I will get at least 2 other teachers in my building into the blog world!
Come on Eason, Allen, and Hall!  I know you are followers!  And if you are better get following!
3. I will have a Library Celebration when I open my classroom library to my students.  We will explore it like it is a museum and then dive into reading!  I think it would also be fun to do a collection of used books and give a gift to a needy school or organization.  We could even add labels Donation from Room 331:)
4.  I will make more positive phone calls home.  It is always sooo easy to overlook those kiddos that do their very best everyday.  I am on a mission to help them know how much they are admired by me. 

5. I will do my best to squeeze in some exercise and lots of lunches with green like veggies.  Also no more microwaving in plastic.  Bad FOR you! 
 This is an incredible book...check it out!

6.  I will focus on staying positive this year.  We are losing 2 of our 2nd grade assistants this year.  For me...I still have my partner in crime of 4 years Mrs. Cleary.  I do have to share her with 3 other teachers now but I still want my room to be her fav:)
Well...I am sure I could think of more.  We teachers do love to reinvent ourselves.  Here's to The Cluttered Classroom for getting me thinking ahead!


  1. Such a beautiful family you have!

  2. I need to work on #1.

    I finally sat down and ordered the Phonics Dance today! Hoping it comes soon. I can't wait to dive in.

    Be thankful for an assistant that only helps 4 of you. We have one aide per grade. This year we have 9 first grade teachers. And actually my team uses her mostly for instructional support outside of our classrooms (she pulls small groups all but one hour of the day).

    Just Add Clipart


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