SMART Exemplary Educators!

BIG News Friends!  I just found out that I was excepted into the SMART Exemplary Educator program.  I have been waiting on pins and needles since I filled out the application a month or so ago.  I was so nervous because I had to video myself and show my SMART expertise.  I freak in front of the camera so I was worried that I looked foolish.  (Thanks to my team mate and assistant for helping with the video and for cheering me both are the best!)   I am so thrilled that I will have to opportunity to connect with other SMART educators, share ideas, try out new software, and attend a variety of trainings. 

Stay tuned for more scoop about all of the new SMART stuff I get to check out!


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  1. I love that you are soooo "SMART"! Yeh, Ms. Schroeder!


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