A Tale of Tattletales!

So it is that time again...tattle tales!  My team mate is having a huge issue in her classroom this month and I offered up my Don't Squeal Unless it's a Big Deal book by Jeanie Franz Ransom.  I even sent our special stand with it.  Yeah...it is that important to us that it has it's own stand:)  It is a great story about a classroom of pigs that squeal so much their teacher passes out.  Once she recovers they begin to discuss what a child size problem is and what an adult size problem is.  

I read this book the first week of school and then randomly read it if I get a run of tattlers.  I love they way it encourages children to work to solve their problems on their own and  how to recognize when they need help.  

I also introduce Extra, Extra!  Tell Mrs. Schroeder about it.  I place these half sheets in our writing center and if children feel the need to tell me something they can grab a sheet and jot down their thoughts.  I ask that they place it in my mailbox.  After school I always enjoy reading them and even responding.  

Download a copy of your own today:)



  1. Hi Mrs. Schroeder. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to read more of your posts. Your class site is awesome as well. I am now a follower!


  2. Monica, that tattletale book - Don't Squeal Unless it's a Big Deal - looks great! :) We are having sibling issues with this right now (no joke! AS WE SPEAK! Ha!) May have to check that one out of the library!


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!