The Birthday Box

We have a sweet little 2nd grader with a birthday today and it made me think that you all might want to see my birthday box.  We don't do a ton for birthdays in 2nd fact we have our treat during lunch.  So-I ususally try to do something special in the classroom.  For starters we have a birthday seat cover with little cupcakes all over it.  It reads Happy Birthday!  The birthday kiddo also gets their name on a big cupcake on the classroom door.

 I also have a "Birthday Box" where I have tons of fun birthday prizes like pencils, punching balloons, bookmarks, and stickers.  I chose a sturdy gift box covered in birthday cupcakes for the container.  We all love feeling special on our birthdays and these little things sure help out a ton!  Sorry could not get the picture to turn:)

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  1. I love that birthday seat cover idea!! so cute! my mom is a sewer, I am going to force her to make me one!


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