Smartboard Magic Wand!

If you have little ones in your classroom...teaching them the proper pressure to select images on the smartboard might be difficult. There are 2 layers that need to be compressed in order for your smartboard to pick up the student's choice.  One way that I introduce this is with a tennis ball.  I love to grab brightly colored ones for them to use.

So pick up a few tennis balls and introduce them as magic wands.  They fit perfectly in their hands and slid over the smartboard beautifully.  It also keeps those sticky fingers off your board:)

They will pick up the "magic touch" quickly but my kiddos still love to use the tennis balls.  I often will toss the ball out to a student when I am calling on friends to come up and answer questions on the smartboard.

A Koosh ball is a another fun way to have students answer questions.  They can toss the ball at the smartboard to answer the question.
Click the images above to order your Magic Wands and Koosh balls!



  1. I use tennis balls with my SmartBoard too. Actually, I use balls smaller than tennis balls. They are these little gray tennis-like balls that go on the bottoms of our chair legs to not scratch the floor. When I first heard about the tennis balls being used on SmartBoard I was skeptical but it really does work like magic!!

  2. Mrs. Magee...any ideas to cute them up a bit? I like a little bling with things and I have been trying to come up with a way to make them a bit more exciting;)
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    Mrs. Schroeder

  3. OMG, great idea! thanks! I hate the sound of the squeaky fingers on the smart board. It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard!


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