The Daily Five...The SCHROEDER Way!

Check out these adorable bags for my Daily Five Centers!

I numbered the bags with my kiddos classroom #'s and also cleared out a few cubbies for storage.  The cubbies are numbered according to my table groups.  The students hang their bags in the cubby that matches their table group. 
I purchased the bags at
You can purchase The Daily Five book at
Also...if you are not using The Daily Five in your classroom be sure the check

I love my rain gutters for displaying books!  I also display books in tubs with lables.  Seeing the cover helps the students pick books that they are interested in. 

Another tip is...during Read to a Friend we are sure to sit EEK.  Elbows to elbows and knees to knees.  We also use coach/time.  If a student needs help from his/her buddy they make a letter c with their hand.  Their partner knows they can help them figure out the word.  If the student taps his/her wrist the partner knows to give more time.

Another Daily Five center in my classroom is Word Study.  In this center, I place spelling lists and a variety of hands on activites such as...corn meil, shaving cream, playdough, gel pen/black paper, Scrabble letters, old keyboards, chalk/chalkboards.  I try very hard to put things in the center that the students can manage themselves. 

We also use The Phonics Dance!  It is a fantastic program created by Ginny Dowd.  The program teaches phonics "chunks" in a song like manner.  Check it our at!


  1. Please let's follow each other and keep in touch!

    I have to get rain gutters! How much were they?

  2. I have wanted to buy the Phonics Dance for a couple of years now. No one else in my school uses it, but I think it would be a great way to teach key phonetic sounds in my first grade classroom. I would love to know more about it.
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  3. Do you put their names on the bag? Wanting to purchase these. :))


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