Quote of the Day!

So...totally rocking math centers today when I came across a little friend with nothing to do.  I was totally shocked because my room is like a party threw up and there is always something to do.  I then found myself gravitating toward my soapbox.  We are working really hard to practice GOOD habits.  You know that you can get rid of a BAD habit by practicing a good one right?  Well my little 2nd graders do too!  They just need reminders.  Like this quote that I did not even plan.  While standing by my dried up sponge on the board (dried up brain) I ask "If you practice NOTHING...what will you learn?"  "NOTHING" shouts my math crew.  So true...so true!

Back to the sponge for those of you who have not read about it on www.theschroederpage.com-We talk about how we want our brains to be soaking wet with knowledge when we leave school each day.  That is why I have one mounted on my board.  When someone needs a sponge reminder they head up and rub the dry sponge.  Silly I guess but it is a great visual in my room;)

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