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Friends~HOOT!  We have been learning about owls at my house this summer.  It has been such a fun adventure! We have been researching owls, experimenting and dissecting owl pellets!  I had no idea how amazing these nocturnal creatures really are!
To start we headed to the library and stocked up on some books for our research.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Click any of the images to check them out!

We also watched this video of a Great Gray Owl video on YouTube! The eyes on this little guy are amazing! 
We dissected an owl pellet!  It was so awesome!!!!!  My son Ian was totally into it.  
Check him out below. I think we were both shocked at all the bones we found.  We are pretty sure it was a bird that our owl ate.  
It really was the coolest experiment.  Ian was so gentle as he pulled the bones from the pellet.  
All About Owls: The Schroeder Page
We used the bone chart that came with our pellet.  Here is the pellet we used.  You can click to purchase if you are interested.  
All About Owls: The Schroeder Page
This is the bone chart that was provided with our pellet. 
All About Owls: The Schroeder Page
Download a FREE Investigation Sheet by clicking below!
You can also dissect your own owl pellet virtually with this cool site called Kidwings!  Click the image below to check it out!
All About Owls: The Schroeder Page

The world of owls is truly amazing and unique!  This is a perfect unit to share with your students this fall! 
All About Owls: The Schroeder Page


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