Bright Idea: Doorbells in the Classroom

Friends~Welcome to our July Bright Ideas Linky!  I am just getting myself up from my summer slumber and thinking about school. 
I am moving schools and grade levels this year so I have a ton to do!  This year,  I will be heading back to one of my favorite grades...FIRST!  I am super duper excited about it!

Today,  I am going to share one of my surprises for my sweet firsties!  DOORBELLS in the Classroom.  Yep!
I use a doorbell for all sorts of things.  Check out some of my fun ideas below.   
(I love the cute classroom door from ScrappinDoodles!)
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First, head to your local Home Depot or Lowes and grab a plug in doorbell. They are around $15 but are totally worth it. 
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Second, find a place to hide your button.  I like my kiddos to have no idea how the doorbell works.  
Here are some of the places I have hidden mine in the past: in my desk, the back of my office door, my apron pocket, behind my file cabinet.  The possibilities are endless. 

Once I have it up and running, here are some of the ways I use it.
~ A simple ATTENTION getter.  Just push the button and once the chime stops my kiddos look at me and respond with," Hello?" (It is hysterical!)
~Add some review questions to a pocket by the door. When you ring the doorbell, have them freeze and raise their hands.  Choose a student to ANSWER IT by heading to the door and choosing a question. 
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~Ring the doorbell and tell students that once the CHIME is over, they must be in their seats. 
 Use it as a CELEBRATION!  When a students does a great job, hit the chime!
~Use it as a TIMER to show that time is up on an assignment or center.  
 ~Place the doorbell button outside when you are expecting a special VISITOR

I sure hope you found some ways to use a doorbell in your classroom.  I love keeping my kiddos guessing at what I will do next.  Doorbells are a perfect way to mix things up in your room!
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