Friends~In honor of SHARK Week on Discovery Channel, I am going to share some of my most favorite shark lessons and activities! Be sure to check out the different fin cams on the site above. AWESOME!

I like to start with a KWL before we read.  It is always interesting how much background knowledge your student's have on a topic or what information they have that is correct.  Here is a quick tip: Make your KWL on a huge sheet of bulletin board paper in the shape of a shark.  Then pass out white triangles (TEETH) for the students to add their thinking on. Tape the teeth to the KWL.  
Sharks The Schroeder Page
I leave out (Teeth) in our research center during the week.  We add to the learned section as we answer our questions.  We even add questions as we learn. I love keeping it interactive! 

You can even serve bugles (TEETH) while you read a shark book!  They make a great story souvenir for students to take home!
Shark Teeth The Schroeder Page
 I also have collected several shark teeth samples from trips to the beach.  I always place them in the science center for my students to explore and measure. I got the shark teeth pictures from Enchanted Learning.  
Shark Teeth The Schroeder Page

I love the world of sharks!  They are amazing creatures with tons for us to learn about.  One of my favorite books to introduce shark facts is Sharks! by Gail Gibbons.  Her books are always perfect for sharing facts and diagrams in a picture book kind of way.  
Be sure to have a tape measure on hand while you read this because it is so cool to show the students just how long these creatures are as you read.  
After we read this book, we measure the sharks in students.  I love the look on my kiddo's faces when we get to the whale shark!
(I pre measure yarn in the lengths of the sharks below.)  I then lay the yarn out and invite students to lay next to the yarn on the floor.  They fill in the table below.  
Shark Measures The Schroeder Page
I then share this video!

I love this book for my guided reading groups! The pictures are fantastic and the students are always super engaged. 
My kiddos also love my Flipping Fins Math Game.  It is so simple to play.  Just grab some plastic sharks like the ones below.  Print out the center and you are all set.  

Click the picture below to grab a FREE copy of my Flipping Fins Math Game!
Shark Week Freebie
If you are interested in more SHARK fun click on my SHARK file below.  It is filled with more fantastic shark learning fun!

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