Mother's Day Craft

Friends~I am so excited to share our Mother's Day Craft for 2014.  My teammate fell in love with all the "You are my Sunshine" crafts that are floating around and decided to turn the quote into a super sweet Mother's Day craft.  
ALERT!!!! If your kiddo is in my classroom this year please STOP reading NOW!  
You will ruin the surprise!
We first headed to Lowe's and bought their cheapest bathroom tiles.  They were $0.88 a piece.  You can click the link above to see the ones I bought.  

You will also need the following:
Mother's Day Craft, The Schroeder Page

I got the Rust-Oleum at Lowes and the paint at Hobby Lobby!  The paint colors are 11312 Orange
11353 Buttercup and 11301 White. 

We first painted the tiles white and let them dry over night.  After that we mixed the orange and yellow and the students painted a circle for the sun using their index fingers.  I checked the size of their circles first to make sure they were large enough.  They then used their fingers to make prints for the sun's beams. 
Mother's Day Craft, The Schroeder Page

We let them dry and then I lettered them with a Sharpie marker.  The last step was to spray the clear coat to protect their work. 
Mother's Day Craft, The Schroeder Page
We also made our own wrapping paper and sang the song You Are My Sunshine into Vocaroo. We generated a QR for a Mother's Day card!  

Click the sun below to hear my kiddos singing this song for their moms!
Mother's Day Craft,The Schroeder Page

Hope you all find this helpful!  Happy Mother's Day

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