Bright Idea: End of the Year GIFT Ideas

Friends~Welcome to another Bright Ideas Blog HOP! This month,  I am sharing one of my very favorite end of the year gift for my students.  
I love sending my kiddos off in June with a sweet keepsake that won't break the bank!  
This is such a super simple way to make a memorable keepsake that students will enjoy all summer long!
I send out a simple request for clean white pillowcases. They come in sets of 2 so my families often split a pack.  (Old white pillowcases work too!)  
Grab some Sharpies or Crayola Fabric markers and letter the pillowcases up.  Be sure to place a large piece of construction paper in the pillowcases so the markers don't bleed through.  
(I also autograph each pillowcase so that I can monitor during the signing later.)  
I add the following to each pillowcase:
1. The student's name
2. The year
3. Grade Level
4. My name
I also add this fun poem to the corner with a safety pin and ribbon.  
Be sure to invite some STARS to the autographing such as:
School Nurse
Cafeteria Staff
Classroom Volunteers
Past Student Teachers
The kiddos LOVE this!  
We even invite neighboring classes to join in on the fun!
I have had so many parents contact me after the school year telling me that their kiddo is sleeping with the pillowcase or are still sleeping with it after the new school year starts!

Another BRIGHT IDEA is to do this on the last day and you can fill it up with anything extra that needs to go home! 
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