Science: Raising Praying Mantis

Friends~Raising praying mantises in science is the perfect way to head out with a bang this school year!  This is my 2nd year doing this in room 331. 
They are amazing creatures and you kiddos will flip over them. 
Check out these babies being born in my very own backyard.  Last year, we released some praying mantises at school and at home.  We were very excited to find this ootheca or egg case in a tree in my backyard.  We were super lucky to catch them just after they emerged. 
 Lily and Ian are proud parents!
You can do this too!  It is super simple to do.  
You can order the egg cases right from Amazon.  
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page

Setting up the habitat is easy.  Just grab the following items.

*An insect habitat.  (I used the same one I used from when we raised butterflies.)
*I added some sticks and grass for the babies to hang on too.
*I also added some magnifying glasses for my students to use. 
While we waited, I placed these life cycles pieces out for my students to observe. 
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page
I love this picture of one of my students holding one of our nymphs!  Check out those cute fingernails!
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page
 When we first hatched our nymphs last year, there were 2 egg cases.  100's of nymphs emerged and I thought we were done.  I almost put the egg cases into my insect box for the school year but my students begged me to leave them out so they could keep looking at them.  
Boy am I glad I left them in their habitat because about 2 weeks later the other egg case hatched!
It was soooo exciting to come in one morning in June and have a ton of praying mantises waiting for you! 
Here is our 2nd batch last year!

This is a great beginner book for introducing your kiddos to the world of praying mantises.
Also National Geographic has a great online flip book that is great for students to use on the smartboard or as a QR code!
Click the picture to check it out!
Just right click and save this code to use it in your classroom!
If you are interested in my newest file on Praying Mantises for your students you can check it out by clicking below.


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