Bright Idea: Main Idea Scavenger Hunt

Friends~Here it is again!  Our April Bright Ideas blog post linky party!  As always, you are going to find a ton of awesome ideas.  Today I am going to share with you how my kiddos have been practicing main idea.  

I was brainstorming with my teammate about how we could make this more engaging.  Check out the fun that we came up with.  
A Main Idea Scavenger HUNT!

Yep!  We sure did write main ideas on sentence strips and made students wear them as hats.  We sure did write details on smaller strips for wrist bands.  The best part was, we hid all the main ideas and details in our 2 classrooms. The students were set off to hunt for either a main idea or a detail.  The details had to find their main idea and the main idea had to find their details.  
It was so cool to see them thinking through the process.  Matching the details was tricky.  We purposely wrote details that could possible go with a main idea but one word made it not work.  
See the example below. 
My kiddos got a bit mixed up because they wanted to put the detail you might get hurt with the recess main idea.  
I had to explain that you could get hurt at recess but it doesn't support the main idea that recess is fun.  

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