2nd Grade Weather Science

Friends~Check out our 2nd Grade Weather Science fun!  It feels like forever since I have had the time to blog about my kiddos.  I promised them that I would share this super fun science experiment that we did with wind and clouds.  

I like to call it: On Your Mark, Get Set, BLOW!  It is pretty simple.  I pass out straws, cotton balls, and tape measures.  We head outside if it is not windy or into the hallway.  We got lucky yesterday.  So outside we went.  
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
Check out this science fun!  As I reflect on this lesson,  I am floored at how many content areas we covered. First science, but not just weather, force and motion too.  The students had to blow their clouds (cotton balls) with a variety of strengths of wind.  They MEASURED the distance their clouds traveled.  Hello MATH!  They recorded the data while also cooperating with each other to complete the task. 
Here are my kiddos in action below!  
We then of course had to analyze our data and find a way to represent it.  As a class, we decided to create a line plot to show our longest distances by groups of 10.  2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
We also working on arrays in math and we created some pretty fun cloud arrays to hang in the hall.  I forgot to grab a picture so I will have to add it tomorrow.  

Check out our Cloud Flip books too!  They go perfectly with The Cloud Book by Tomie DePola! 
All of these weather activities are in my Weather Unit if you are interested.    
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page

2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page


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