We are not hatching WASPS & a GIVE AWAY!

Friends~When I taught in Ohio, I remember the schools not having air conditioning.  I remember sweating all day long with 23 other kiddos and coming home exhausted!  It was always 2 showers a day in the warm months.  Well, we got a taste of the hotness this week in Room 331 because they did not turn the air on until Thursday.   It was in the 80s all week!  

Due to this, I was forced to open the windows which in turn let in several wasps.  My kiddos have been obsessed with watching them, predicting about their every move, and comparing how many each class had.  (I did not create ANY of these lessons:)

Finally, Thursday allowed us to get back to business and the wasps were gone.  I may have killed 2 of the 4 but don't tell anyone.  

Thursday morning I was so excited to bring in our Unidentified Creature Hatching Basket.  I set it back in the science center.  I decided I really wanted to keep them predicting about what might be hatching so I made a quick video and then created a QR Code.  I wanted them to scan the code and write their prediction on an index card. 

The funny part is they totally starting predicting as soon as they saw it.  Butterfly was first because there was a butterfly book on my desk and then came the best prediction.  WASPS!  Those sillies thought we were hatching wasps!  I still chuckle about it!

Here is the code that I created: 
This is the really fun part!  Guess with your class!  Scan the code with your students and leave a comment below with your email.  I will collect all of the correct predictions and place them in a drawing.  My plan is to have my students draw the winner next
 Friday, April 19th!  

Happy Scanning!  



  1. It is a spider cocoon!

    Mrs. Wondra's Class
    Third Grade

  2. I have to say - Thank you for visiting MompreneurMogul the other day :) But also I think what you do is truly the most important job in the universe. Teachers are an amazing gift. Thank you for being so creative and making learning something magical for kids- You are awesome.

  3. Love the idea of having the student's scan for information. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    2nd Grade Pad


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