Down in the Schroeder Hive!

Friends~I am sure that by now you think that I am totally insect crazy after my creepy crawly post & butterfly business post. The truth is, I really want to be a bug lover but they freak me out.  I only pretend to love them for my kiddos and my students.  

Please don't tell!
I did have tons of fun learning about bees over spring break.  They truly are amazing creatures.  I wanted to take a minute and show you some really cool stuff I found while getting my unit together for April.  First, here are the books that I used to plan with.  Great reads and tons of fun information!
 Click any of them to check them out!


Here is another really neat resource that I collected over the years.  I have had a bee keeper come and visit the class.  His name is Buddy the Beeman and last year he brought baby bees hatching.  Check out the video below.  Try to ignore all the babbling in the background.  We were just really excited!

Below is Buddy and his presentation!  The students loved him!  He brought tons of gear and live bees!

If you are interested in more bee fun you can check out my newest unit.  You will be cross pollinating and doing the bee dance with these fun hands on science activities. 



  1. Tons of work really went into your Bee unit! I enjoyed the way you took us through your packet using youtube. It was very engaging and GREAT marketing (*wink*). Thanks!

    1. The sounds are not coming through on the bee video?

  2. Another Masterpiece Monica! Will be picking this up soon. Thanks.
    Ms. Joy


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