R U QR-ing?

Friends~Another addiction for me!  I just spend the day with my kiddos putting together QR codes for some of their favorite books.  We have been working on our book responses everyday after our Snack and a Book Time or Silent Reading:)  I let them choose a favorite response and turn it into a book recommendation summary. We then read them into this really cool voice recorder our tech facilitator introduced me to.  Check it out below.

It is so simple to use.  Just open the big grey button in the middle and press to record.  Then press the green copy button to copy the generated code and then past the code into your QR Generator.  

Check out some of our QR Codes below.  You will need to download a FREE QR Scanner to your phone or ipad to scan the codes.  I am so very proud of them!

Scan this code to hear about the book I Survived the Titanic

This code is for The Chocolate Touch!

My plan is to print off all of the codes and add them to our classroom library books so students can scan the codes to see if the book might be a good fit for them.  
(Now... to grab more devices that will scan the codes!)

Be sure to scan one more!
This is more learning fun from Room 331!

I totally told my class if you plant a jellybean after Easter it will grow!  I also told them that singing to plants helps them grow:)
We are inspecting Lima Beans for the Life Cycle of a Seed too!

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