My Dirty Little Secret

Friends~Most of you know me as a teacher but I am also a mother.  I have an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.  This morning however, I was just me.  I ran in my first 5K with a team of other teachers from my school.  We have been "training" for it for several weeks.  (Really we have been squeezing in running and walking during our crazy schedules.)  

I felt guilty at times because I ran after school and did not come straight home.  I felt guilty when my son asked to come run with me because I let him once and we only made is a few trots before he was tired. This little goal of running a 5K was mine.  My dirty little secret.  

Also, I hate running or so I thought. I am not fast at all.  In fact, I have little stubby legs which equals a little stubby stride.  My friends at school come from all different age groups and athletic ability but we all supported each other.  We all had our own reasons for training but mine was always because I knew it was going to be hard for me not to win.  You see, I am extremely competitive and I LOVE to win.  Now that my little ones are getting older and not needing me as much- I knew I needed to find something to challenge me.  Something hard.  

I have to report that I did not win at all.  I did however run the entire 5K.  No stopping at all.  I actually had my fastest time today.  When I crossed that finish line I was amazed.  Amazed that I actually did it.  Amazed at my team cheering and waiting for me.  Amazed at how good it felt to cheer on my teammates that followed after me.  

It truly was just amazing but I do have one problem now...I have another dirty secret.  I can't wait to do it again and someday I am going to win!


  1. Way to go! You know how people dream that they can fly? I dream that I can run. Because I don't, and I've never been particularly good at running. I am always impressed when someone becomes a runner!

  2. You win when you cross the start line! Next time the race will be with yourself. :-)

  3. Way to go! And, you did ran the whole time and came in at your fastest time. Running is a competition with yourself :) Congrats!
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Fantastic! Crossing the finish line of your first 5K is winning:) Welcome to the wonderful world of running! It is a huge, fun world to explore, full of many new and exciting challenges.
    First Grade Carousel


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