Hachiko Waits...How things fall into place!

Friends~If anyone ever thought the saying, "Things happen for a reason." was not a true statement they for sure have never been a teacher!  
We dismissed school on Friday at 9:30 AM for ice and our make up Saturday School (From our last NO SNOW DAY) was cancelled. Now the whole week had been a mess because of having the Friday before off and then Monday for MLK.  We had training on Tuesday so my class did not come back until this past Wednesday.  I was out on Tuesday and then we had class on Thursday.  Bam!  Early dismissal!  After my class left,  I took a look at my plan book and it was a DISASTER!  I had bumped and moved so much I had to take it home to figure out what in the world we needed to get finished next week. I have a HUGE unit planned for February and I needed to get January wrapped up!  

I did get home by 11:00 and was snuggled up on the couch with my Lily and Ian by 11:30. Can you say SMILE!  I had a big one on all day:)  My kiddos and I were flipping through our NETFLIX trying to find a good family move and we came across Hachi.  It looked like it was right up our alley so we snuggled in to watch.  
WARNING: If you are a crier during movies get a box of tissues. This is the sweetest story of a dog and his master.  
I cried like a baby!  

The movie is based off a true story about a dog named Hachiko from Japan who walked to the train station with his master and then went home everyday.  In the evening, he came back to the train station to meet his master.  It is a try story of loyalty!  I won't ruin the movie for you but the dog continues this routine even after his master dies and the people of the train station takes him in.  

After drying my eyes I knew I was on a mission to find out more about this story because ..things happen for a reason!  I am teaching the true story of BALTO next month!  This story would make fantastic connections for my class.  You can read more about my Balto unit by clicking below.  There is even a freebie to get you started!

Another side note-I got a call later in the afternoon from someone I had contacted about coming to talk with our classes about Sled Dogs.  Guess what?  She is coming and she is going to bring her 2 huskies for the students to meet.  She is actually heading to Alaska this month to sled so she will have lots of stories and pictures to share.  
See...things happen for a reason!

I started researching the story with Ian over my shoulder.  He loves to give his 2 cents!  He told me if I found a book about it my class could make one of those circle things with Balto.  A Venn Diagram! 

I found this news clip about Hachiko and the statue but the best part was I found 2 different books for my guided reading groups!
Just click the books to read and see a preview.
Hachiko Waits is a chapter book I will be using with my higher readers.  It is really neat because it has a section telling how to pronounce the Japanese words  from the text.    

Sometimes I feel like a conductor.  Building suspense all month by introducing the theme little by little.  

Teachers make things happen for their students!

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  1. I understand totally about schedules being messed up. Have always wanted to do some things with the Iditarod. Was wondering if you would consider sharing the demonstration by Skype with our Second Grade cllass. Not sure if time would work out. Maybe we could do a writing activity connecting our classes afterward? Send me an email if interested. I would be willing to try to get something interesting to share back with your class by Skype in the future if this worked well.


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