Send a HUG this February!

 Friends~Happy February!  I am busting with excitement about my newest creation!  Send a HUG!  Room 331 will be sending life size hugs to someone special in their families this month.  We have begun our graphing unit in math and I have been looking for ways to spruce this unit up.  Check out just how cute these are going to turn out!

I had my kiddos lay down on the floor and trace their heads, arms, and bodies.  We then cut them out and used construction paper to make the faces.  

So perfect for a Cultural Diversity display too!
We then wrote letters to a special person in our family and glued it to the body.  
You can grab a FREE copy of my letter by clicking the image below!

We will also be measuring our HUG SPAN with candy hearts, Hersey Kisses, inches, centimeters and yards.  
My kiddos will be creating a line plot from the ranges of our HUG SPANS and also a bar graph using their eye colors.  
You can preview the file by clicking the image below!
The measurement and graphing activities are aligned with the Common Core State Standard 2.MD.  
There is even a special BONUS activity at the end of this file:)  

We will also be reading the book A Book of Hugs by Dave Ross. 
It is the sweetest story of all different kinds of hugs.  
You can purchase a copy of the book to use with your class by clicking below.  

Check out my How to Make a Heart video.  My kiddos will be making a heart to put in the hands of their HUGS! 



Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!